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Housing Corp.
President Carson M. Gentry
Attorney General Robert Small
Secretary Jordan Kaplan
Treasurer Jeff Letoski
Undergraduate GP Mike Latorre
Undergraduate P  
VP Housing Thomas Heard
VP Housing Thomas Heard
Insurance Committee
Chair Robert McCabe
Member Robert Small
Member Robert Darbee
Alumni Relations
VP Alumni Relations Carson M. Gentry
PR (Facebook, Linked-In, etc) Open
Database Management Open
Chapter Leadership Fund Campaign Committee
Chair Alex LaRoche
Member William Faust
Member Jeff Letoski
Undergraduate Support
VP Undergraduate Support Mike Gayowski
Scholarship Committee
Chair Evan Gooberman
Member William Faust
Member Tommaso Marsella
Member Jonathan Werkmeister
Member Brian Asingia
Member Robert George
Member Saahil Nandrajog
Advisor Committee
Alumni Advisor Alex LaRoche
Finance Advisor Evan Gooberman
Scholarship Advisor Mike Adamson
Philanthropy Advisor Dave Wenger
Faculty Advisor Prof. David Veshoski - non Phi Psi
Recruitment/Fraternity Educator Advisor Tommaso Marsella
Mentoring Advisor Zachary Landtroop
Voting Directors
Class of 2017 Tom Yeager
Class of 2017 David Wenger
Class of 2017 Jeff Letorski
Class of 2018 R. Jay Geiger
Class of 2018 Robert Small
Class of 2018 Jeremiah Totten-Greenwood
Class of 2019 Chris Therkorn
Class of 2019 Carson M. Gentry
Class of 2019 Matthew O'Loughlin
Class of 2020 Bob White
Class of 2020 Tom Heard
Class of 2020 Rick Port
More and more alumni brothers are enjoying serving Penn Theta. Please join us as we break age barriers and together have fun helping the chapter. You will be glad of your decision to get involved. If you want to serve as a campaign volunteer, a mentor to an active brother, or a speaker in our Penn Theta Speakers Series, please contact: John Pierce '78 at 212-229-6178 or jpierce@tcco.com
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